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30 July
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you have just reached the journal/writer of a 97liner with the name of vivian. awkward, sarcastic teenager who loves to sing, dance, draw, and write.I love exo, superjunior, shinee, and snsd. i have started writing at the age of 11 and counting. currently living in indonesia but i am a chinese. do friend me fellow people reading this because i swear i don't bite!!!!

my unflattering obsession of kai is on the run, luhan is creeping steadily and slowly, sehun is breaking up my bias list and yixing is just sticking his head inside once in a while. i love lee taemin, as well as lee donghae who both recently tried to fight for who will crawl up my bias list first. jessica is a love-hate relationship because she's too pretty but too cute in the same time.

please check out my 'exo writing competition' community and be sure to join us!

I hate peas, peanuts (but not peanut butter), cats, darkness, shame, guilt, sadness. I like fashion, people, friends, breakfast, mangoes, smiles, camwhoring, dresses.

get to know me? links are down below. have fun!

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