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wanderlust (and you fill my life with pretty stars)

WANDERLUST (and you fill my life with pretty stars)

hunhan // romance // oneshot (2000 words) // pg-13

→ um... hi?
→ beta-ed by my fluffy bunny nasyarz and skinny piggy xwhiteapple and i love them a lot okay :-)
→ inspired by this extremely random picture ↴

“do you know where this place is?” luhan alamortly pointed at the map for the hundredth time, and the passer-by squinted his eyes at the minute drawing. there were various circles and arrows ruthlessly smeared against the crumpled piece of paper, but after a long while of trying to figure out what luhan had drawn (with a few head scratching and chin tapping), he nodded silently.

luhan’s eyes widened, “you know?”

“yeah, actually it’s--”

“thank you!” luhan threw his arms around him without knowing what he was going to say.

“--where i’m going to right now,” the passer-by finished with a flustered face, fixing his beanie as luhan let him go.

“we can go together!” luhan insisted, happy that someone knows where it is and dragged him to his truck, “fasten your seatbelts.”


“don’t fuss about it, you just have to tell me the directions,” luhan engaged the vehicle with a loud roar, “what’s your name? i’m luhan.”

“sehun,” sehun spoke dumbfoundedly, “oh sehun.”

sehun didn’t really know why luhan is going to the empty patch of land that his father owns, and the guts for him to actually bring a stranger to his car because for goodness sake, sehun might be a thief, or a murderer that can harm him in any possible way (but thankfully he isn’t). luhan might be a tad naive, perhaps viridity would suit him more.

“do i turn left?” luhan averted his gaze to look at sehun with his doe-like orbs.

“yeah,” also, sehun couldn’t understand why his eyes are so big and shiny at the same time.

after a full five minutes with complete silence, accompanied by the screeching of rubber tires against the concrete road and luhan’s awkward coughs, “we’re here!” luhan screamed, jumping out of the truck and running across, to the vast area.

“may i ask why you’re here?” sehun curiously asked, “i mean, i don’t really understand.”

“stars and it’s constellations,” luhan smiled, “my dad said that this is a very nice place to watch stars at, so i decided to come here.”

“are you from the city, then?”


“that is--”

“355 miles from here,” he spoke without much shock, “far isn’t it?”

“wow, you... really love stars.”

“what about you? what brings you here?”

“i come here for leisure. my father owns this place, it was once a house but they burned it down.”


“too old. it has lived since the late 17th century.”

luhan muttered something in between ‘a hundred years’ and ‘now’ but it was too soft for sehun to hear clearly so he just laid at the soft grass with eyes closed, enjoying the soft whistling of the wind.

the next time he opens them, it was already dark, and by his right side luhan was lying down as well, a telescope at hand and his left eye shut.

“have i been sleeping?”

luhan chuckled, placing the long device down, “you think?”

“maybe, sort of, i don’t know...” sehun trailed off, apprehending that it might be a stupid question for him to ask. as luhan picked his telescope up again, sehun stared at his kalon features intensively; he’s beautiful and the way he stares at the sky full of stars is beginning to sink into sehun’s heart.

“tell me more about stars,” sehun nudged luhan’s shoulder, “what makes it so special to you?”

luhan let out a small chuckle, “when i look at stars, it seems like they breathe life into me. cassiopeia, pegasus, lynx, crux, ara, pyxis, i would want to be one of those people that succeeds in finding a constellation of a star. i believe my dad is part of those stars as well.”

sehun’s face fell, oh, his dad passed away. however there was something else caught in between sehun’s mind and his feelings towards this ‘luhan’ person, because sehun was not just entranced by his outer beauty, luhan’s inner compassion towards everything he loves to do pulls sehun down, more than gravity.

luhan caught sehun staring at him, “is there anything on my face?”

“i don’t see anything,” sehun sat up straight, “but i just-- your passion towards these things, they enlighten me. i can’t even express how committed you are, because i cannot be like you, and i don’t know how.”

“stars are an important factor of my life,” he said in a soft voice, “they’re what have kept me living till now.”

thank you.

sehun folds the piece of paper into his front pocket, heading off to who knows where. he woke up to an empty knot in his stomach, along with an empty heart. luhan was gone, everything else vanished except for a note stuck in the between sehun’s index and middle finger.

thank you.

it wasn’t valid for sehun to feel lonely because he’s been a wanderer since his mother told him to ‘go find something to do and stop lazing around at home!’, followed by a loud bang of the door.

but today, for the first time, he felt shamelessly lonely, a deserted child whom someone needs to guide. luhan, for some reason, left him pulling at his heartstrings a little too much; the piling of emotions that he couldn’t verbalize.

“i’m a fool,” sehun mumbled quietly, brushing off the scraps of dirt and grass sticking to his jacket.

luhan recklessly swerved his truck to the right and his face was slammed head-on to the steering wheel as he braked furiously out of shock. a bruised forehead is obviously going to appear before dawn. the splashing of the bulleted rains irritates luhan’s mood, especially when he almost died due to the slippery roads. i hate the rain, dammit.

he reasoned out four main things in his mind. rain is very noisy, rain makes my car dirty, rain almost made me die, and rain can make sehun sick.

this profound solivagant habit of his is starting to dissipate with each millisecond, with luhan tracing the outlines of sehun’s hollow cheekbones and his tight lips. there was a sense of misleading theory in which luhan thought leaving sehun sleeping peacefully by the grass was a good idea, only realizing now that he needs sehun in his star-ful journey. a lot more than luhan thinks he does.

there was a longing gap filled in with the bits and pieces of the moments they had together. how, in just 10 freaking hours of spending time with sehun, can luhan develop strong feelings that surpasses even friendship, when they were never friends in the first place?

to be left solitary in this world alone isn’t a problem for luhan, until he met sehun.

really? at this time?

sehun kicked the puddle in front of him before sprinting to another tree. he sighed again, uncountably, because in his most unfortunate moments, there will always be rain.

rain never dawn onto this suburb that is so far away from the city, maybe once in a full moon, or blue. there isn’t anything to evaporate or condense anyway.

sehun spotted a familiar truck passing by the street opposite of him, and it stopped with a halt. he waved the thought of the truck being luhan’s vehicle since this place is probably deserted and he should be on his way back home already.

just that he couldn’t really believe himself (in most cases) and started trudging towards it in the cold rain. the driver’s door opened up, and out came running milky white luhan with tousled hair as he ushered for sehun to come under his umbrella. he listened, huffing and puffing as soon as he reached luhan.

“you’re wet. follow me,” luhan held sehun’s shoulder --which made sehun’s heart jump a little bit-- and opened up the back of the truck, revealing a mini room along with a mattress, pile of clothes (plus a scrubbing board) and couches.

sehun just quietly stepped inside and luhan closed the door behind him, “there are spare clothes at the wardrobe--”

“how do you know where to find me?”

luhan looked up, not expecting sehun to ask this type of question, “i was just circling around--”

“you’re done looking at stars. why don’t you go back home?” sehun interjected.

“sehun, what’s wrong?”

“nothing’s wrong,” sehun frustratedly replied, “i don’t know what’s wrong but i don’t want you to find me because i’m starting to lose myself.”


“it’s not your fault, luhan. i’m just-- i’m used to walking alone but now i feel lonely--”

sehun felt the tip of his throat burn with ecstasy as luhan kissed him without prior notice; he felt like his innards are about to burst with vigorous desires. he tasted coffee and more coffee in luhan’s tongue, and the intoxication brought him deeper into luhan’s mouth. luhan pulled sehun's neck closer until there were no space in between them; bodies gliding, tongues sliding, emotions overflowing.

it wasn’t expected and sehun likes surprising things, it sometimes doesn’t make him look like a fool. but it does scare him for quite a while. luhan pulls away, eyes still fixated to sehun’s eyes, whom in his 18 years of life have never kissed anyone before. his hair was a mess, and he looked like a serious dazed out puppy who doesn’t know anything but what the fuck just happened--

“i-- i uh--”

“you don’t have to say anything,”

“okay,” sehun licked his bottom lip. he liked the feeling of kissing luhan. in fact, sehun wanted more of luhan and to savor every corner of his lips and devouring him because he was too irresistible and too alluring--

sehun cleared his throat and shook the thought away before he goes haywire and start imagining luhan and him together.

“hey, you okay?”

he snapped out of his contemplation, frowning slightly, “yeah, um, i’m okay.”

“i’ll just... leave, for you to change,” luhan mumbled, almost turning the knob when sehun’s hand caught luhan’s wrist. in a spur of the moment, he didn’t know what to do. he just didn’t want luhan to go, and sehun didn’t want to make luhan feel guilty for what he did before.



“i like you,” sehun said. he didn’t really mind letting luhan know because it’s his own feelings and why should he keep it in anyway?

luhan’s big eyes widened even more, like saucers, and he blinked a little too much before a grin appeared, and almost instantly, a hug followed suit.



“look at that!” luhan pointed at the night sky and gave the telescope to sehun, “look! it’s cassiopeia!”

“do you love cassiopeia that much?” sehun looked through the device.

“well it is beautiful,” he snatched it back without sehun’s permission and smiled, staring at the darkness enveloping the star’s contrasting light.

“what are constellations?”

“literally speaking, constellations don’t exist, and they’re just used so we can identify the stars better since astronomers like me do have hard times trying to differentiate the different type of stars. it’s even worse that this telescope isn’t that high quality, and scientists are still trying to make better telescopes than this,” he flinged the telescope around. it was already rusty at the edges, but sehun thought that it was pretty. it fits luhan just perfectly.

“for me, i think you’re the brightest one among the stars,” sehun scooted closer, planting a chaste kiss on his forehead.

luhan blushed a bright red (and sehun liked that color on his cheeks, even in the night sky he could see how luminous it is), nudging sehun lightly, “corny.”

sehun laughed, his melodious tone floating towards luhan’s ear. it was like a song to the drums, a fleeting rhapsody.

luhan leaned onto sehun’s shoulders, his eyes feeling droopier by the minute, “i long to be the darkness because stars cannot shine without the night sky.”

sehun stared at luhan, not knowing if he was sleeping or not because his eyes were closed, “then i would be the stars and we can soar the universe together.”

a smile crept up luhan’s lips.

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