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hunhan // fluff&romance // oneshot (1060 words) // pg-13

 → for aideshou's fifth challenge. And yes my first attempt in writing fluff /shot.
 → unbeta-ed and written in one hour, please don't kill me :-)

“Luhan?” Sehun’s head peeked out instinctively, tousled brown hair and his lisp adequately detectable , “Luhan?”

“What’s up?”

“Have you seen my-- oh,” Sehun fiddled with the hem of his pajamas, “You took my shirt.”

“Looks beautiful on me, doesn’t it, Sehun-ah?” Luhan smiled, eyes crinkling.

“It fits you a lot,” Sehun wondered, “But it’s mine and you’re probably a lot smaller than me.”

“fate, we’re soulmates separated from birth,” Luhan gave a tiny shrug.

“How lovely of you to say that, dear lulu. It’s called destiny, by the way."

Luhan intertwined his fingers into Sehun’s and gave a small peck on his lips, “I hope you don’t mind, being stuck with me.”

Sehun briskly kissed him back, “I never did.”

“You’re late for work!”

Sehun rushed out of the bathroom, toothbrush in his mouth and bubbles of toothpaste at the corners of his lips. He jumped around with unbuttoned pants, putting on any collared shirt (like a boss) and fiddled around with his tie, but it just doesn’t want to enter that damn hole and -- “The hell is wrong with this thing-- ”

“You’re such a klutz,” Luhan came running in, a spatula on his hand and his apron filled with splotches of cooked oil. He flicked off Sehun’s hands-- Sehun listened-- and fixed his tie perfectly, no errors.

“I’m your beautiful klutz,” Sehun cheesily replied, placing a wet kiss on Luhan’s cheek.

The sizzling of food woke Luhan up from his reverie and he went back to his kitchen, muttering words of displease towards Sehun. He laughed at his adorable boyfriend, “I love you!”

“And you don’t mind eating burnt food, right?” Luhan shouted back, followed by a cackle.

Sehun grumbled.

Luhan curled his fingers around Sehun’s lustrous strands of hair as Sehun flipped his magazine, eyes scanning each page with perfect concentration.

Luhan shifted his leg a little bit, and Sehun looked up to see doe-eyed little Luhan looking down at him, “Is there anything on my face?”

“No, but I’m trying to find something wrong with you--”

“You’re such an ass,” Sehun shot back.

“-- because you’re too perfect for me,” Luhan leaned back, “But you do curse a lot --”


Luhan felt hands hugging him from behind, and a shadow loomed across the frying pan as he shuts the fire, placing the chicken on a strainer.

“What’s for dinner?”

“Agliolio,” Luhan ripped open the pasta package, “Kyungsoo taught me this.”

“Smells delicious.”

“Can you cook anything? You never cook me anything.”

“It’s because I don’t cook. The last time I did --”

“The kitchen blew up I know,” Luhan continued as though those words didn’t mean anything to him. Sehun pouted, and Luhan spun around to see his bottom lip stuck out so vulnerably.

“Okay not that bad,” he sighed, “Just... it didn’t end well. But you should learn, from Baekhyun, or Jongin at least.”

“But --”

“For me, I want to taste your cooking, how horrible the outcome might be,” Luhan wiggled out of Sehun’s hug, “Now if you excuse me, I need to make dinner or you will starve to death.”

Sehun ran towards his cellphone and called up Jongin, “Hey, do you cook?”

“Good morning, deer,” Sehun flicked Luhan’s forehead as he flashed at him, flipping his bangs in the process and hid himself inside the blankets again, under the crook of Sehun’s neck. He scooted closer, until there weren’t anymore space in between both.

“You’re tickling me,” Sehun wiggled and sat up straight, but the grasp of Luhan’s hand on his made him fall back to his bed with a loud thud.

“You smell so nice,” Luhan slurred and yawned. His hand trailed up Sehun’s bare chest -- it’s a habit -- feeling the milky white skin on his fingertips that he could barely express. Luhan has speculated theories in between Sehun’s centerfold features and killer smiles but he could only think of how gorgeous Sehun is without even reasoning the other flaws that he possess. Nothing was imperfect in Luhan’s perspective, his heart beats for the immaculate pieces of Sehun.

And the incomplete elements seemed scattered on the wind and faintly blowing.

For Sehun, Luhan was his sanctuary in the sea of love and despair. Luhan was his favourite scattered petal in the midst of fallen leaves; in between the dawn and the perpetual twilight, Luhan is the star that never disappears. He was the horizon Sehun yearned to follow and grab hold of, always breathtaking.

“I love you a lot.”

Luhan looked up, “I love you too?”

“A question of love, Luhan?”

“No, I mean why so sudden?” Luhan sat beside him, the voices blaring from the tv in front of him dissipating gently.

“I just felt like it,” Sehun sagged his shoulders, “But I love you.”

“I know that, Sehunnie.”

Both of them bore the love of sweet smelling lavender with a tinge of red roses. Sehun would never let go of that.


He spun around, waiting for Luhan who was walking a few steps behind him.


“Will you spend forever with me?” Luhan cocked his head, pulling Sehun’s hand, “Will you?”

Sehun thought for a moment; shared silence between both before shaking his head, “Nope.”

Luhan’s face fell for a second, but Sehun smiled, eyes shaping into crescent moons, “Forever don’t exist. I wouldn’t want to live forever with you if it was never real, but I promise to be with you till as long as you live.”

Luhan squeezed Sehun’s hand, “But promises can be broken.”

“Then why not I don’t promise you anything, and I won’t be your forever either?” Sehun looked down, since he was inches taller than Luhan, “Why not we just love and wait for the following day to arrive and with my hand in yours, we pass through each hour together?”

“Not enough,” Luhan said softly.

“I won’t leave you.”

“If nothing lasts forever, will you be my nothing?” Luhan held Sehun close, “At least assure me with something?”

Sehun chuckled, his melodious voice wafting across the vast space, “Ingenious of you, Luhan. I’ll be your nothing then.”

Luhan smiled, the edges of his eyes crinkling with happiness, “I know.”


Your conceited boyfriend, mind you.”

And they kissed in the sunset with hands interlaced and hearts as one.

Tags: !fanfic, g: fluff, g: romance, p: hunhan, r: pg-13, t: twitterpated bliss
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